Hey Tribe.  Meet in the parking lot at 530am, 630am, 9am, or 530pm.  Be sure to bring your water bottles! Warmup 200M run 10 Squat Therapy 10 Forward Lunges 10 Backward Lunges   Strength: Planks  5 sets: 2:00 rest inbetween sets :10 Plank with Right Leg off Groud :10 Plank with Left Leg off Ground […]

Saturday 10/21

Happy Saturday! This is another day of parking lot WODs down, and another day closer to our new home! Meet in IRC parking lot at 9:30am  🙂 5 rounds for time: 200 m run 25 supermans 30 pistols (shrimp squats or feet together squats to sub) 35 pushups  


Hey Guys, meet in the IRC Parking lot bring your jump ropes and your water today.  We will have classes at 530, 630, 9am,  and 530pm. WarmUp: Group 400m Run 10 Side Leaps 10 Side Leaps High Knees Buttkickers Skill: Sprints 4X 200M Sprints. These will be all out sprints. Recommended rest is at least […]


Meet in the IRC Parking Lot.  We will have classes at 530am, 9am, and 530pm. Warmup: Group 400m 10 samson stretch 10 supermans 10 Tire Jumps   WOD 1:     “The Ghost” 6 Rounds: 1 Min Dips 1 Min Broad Jumps 1 Min Max Burpess 1 Min Rest   WOD 2: Toe Taps Across the […]


Hey Crew,   we have 530am, 630am, 9am , and 530pm.  Dont Forget to RSVP!   WarmUp: Baseball   10 Jumping Jacks 10 Cake Pops 10 Kick Backs WOD 1: Every minute on the minute for 25 minutes, do the following: 5 Push-ups 10 Squats 10 sit-Ups


IRC Parking lot  530am, 630am, 9am, and 530 pm. Dont Forget to RSVP! Warmup 2x 10 Samson Stretch 1 min Squat Hold 5 Stationary Inchworms   Strength: 15 mins 3:00 Front Plank Hold 2:00 Side Plank Hold 2:00 Side Plank Hold   You do not have to go unbroken on these planks.  I recommend working […]


(Meet in IRC parking lot) 530am, 9am,  and 530pm. Teams of 2: You Go I Go.  2 people may touch the tire at the same time WarmUp Group 400m run Hold A Handstand for 1:00 ( :15 second increments ) 10 Air Thrusters 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Supermans with a pause   Tag Team Tuesday […]


Hey Tribe, Tomorrows WOD will be in the IRC parking lot. Hope too see you there! Warm-up: 3 rounds- 10 scapular pushups 10 stationary inchworm 10 squat jumps 10 supermans     Skill/strength: Plyo work: 5×5 tuck jumps for height 5×5 broad jumps for distance     *5×5 does not include your warmup sets! Do […]


Hello Tribe! Be sure to bring your water bottles Tribe! Tomorrow is a field trip day. Meet at the EAST side of the Eau Gallie Causeway. It is going to be spicy! 530am, 9am, and 530pm. Lets get Fit. Thinking “out of the box” for this one!  The set up for this is a little […]


Barbell Hour: 8:30-9:30 A) Snatch from Hang (Above Knee) 3-3-3, 3×3 Build over the first three sets to a challenging but manageable weight. Repeat that weight for three more sets.   Class Workout: 9:30- Teams of 2 1600/1200/800- Run Together 100 Power Snatches 155/105, 115/75, 75/55 100 Pullups / 100 Ring Rows /  100 Jumping Pullups […]