Hello Tribe!

Be sure to bring your water bottles Tribe! Tomorrow is a field trip day. Meet at the EAST side of the Eau Gallie Causeway. It is going to be spicy!
530am, 9am, and 530pm. Lets get Fit.

Thinking “out of the box” for this one!  The set up for this is a little confusing and weird on paper, but will make more sense when I explain tomorrow and we do a round together!

This workout will be different for every team, because the cards allow for randomization.  You can choose to race your partner on the individual rounds, or just go through the rounds together.

Level 3 will do 12 rounds, level 2 will do 9 rounds, and level 1 will do 6 rounds (each round for time).

The WOD (and each round) will start at the base of the causeway, and each round you will have some sort of work and a sprint to do uphill:

HOW TO PLAY: Each round, you will draw two cards from the deck. The SUIT of the first card card you draw will signify what movement you have to do before you can start your round (heart=burpees.  spade=squat jumps. club=pushups. diamond=mountain climbers).  The NUMBER on the first card you draw will signify how many of that movement you have to do.  The NUMBER of the second card you draw will signify how FAR you will run (measured in light posts).

So, for example, if I draw the 8 of hearts as my first card, and the 6 of clubs for my second card, my partner and I would do 8 burpees, then sprint UP the causeway to the 6th lightpost. Then, we would jog/walk (active rest) back to the starting point, and draw another 2 cards for my next round.

*the suit of the second card doesnt mean anything, if you were wondering 😉 .