Warm-up: 2 RNFT
a) 50′ Forward Crawl
b) 200m Jog
c) 10 Ab Mat Sit-ups
d) 30-40 Single Unders + 10-15 Double Unders ( Practice Those DUBS!)

12:00 Volume Accumulation: Kipping Pullups

Butterfly Kip

Gymnastic kip

If you cannot perform more than 5 strict pullups spend your time today working on strict pulling exercises.  Body weight rows on the rig, or challenging ring rows are great exercises.


WOD:  For Time: TIME CAP: 22:00
Level 3/2/1
150/75 Double Unders or 250 Single Unders
50 weighted Sit-ups/Sit-ups
1200/800/600 Run
50 weighted Sit-ups/Sit-ups
150/75 Double Unders or 250 Single Unders

Extra Work: Clean and Jerk from Above Knee

5×3- keep the weight consistent through all working sets.