2nd Annual IRC Fire Truck Pull Challenge

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Get a great workout with 90% body weight movements, in a fun, challenging, yet safe group environment.


These sessions are 1 hour in length and are tailored to your individual needs.


We have an experienced coaching staff on hand for all classes. Anyone wanting to join CrossFit classes that may be unfamiliar with our methodology will transition into classes after a series of short foundation classes.

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Meet in the parking lot for 530am! Coach Led Warm-up   5 Rounds For Time: 300m Run 10 DB Thrusters 1:00 Rest   3 Rounds For Quality 20 Hollow Rocks 1:00 plank 20 Russian Twists    


Meet in the parking lot for 530am. Be sure to RSVP Coach Led Warmup 3 Rounds For Time 10 Burpee Over DBs 20 Double OH Walking Lunge 30 Goblet Squats 40 Pocket Taps


We will only have a 530am class today.  Meet in the parking lot for 530am, be sure to RSVP 45:00 AMRAP @6 5:00 Run Glute Bridge- Full Breathing 5:00 Run Tri Samson Stretch  

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What Our Members Say

Kelly and I came to Indian River CrossFit with about 4 years CrossFit experience 3 of which we spent coaching. When we left our original gym we were burnt out and needed some sort of direction. JB and Cathy welcomed us into “The Tribe” with open arms and we immediately found the passion and love for CrossFit that we had lost. I am a firm believer that attitude is a reflection of leadership and Cathy & JBs infectious attitude and love for “The Tribe” is passed down to the coaches and all athletes in the gym.

We are the parents of two beautiful children that love spending time at the gym, swinging from the rings and playing with all the other “Lil Warriors” at the gym. We are a family at Indian River CrossFit and look forward to seeing all of grow together.

Steve and Kelly Vallante

My journey began a little over 3 years ago, I have always been active and competing in some sort of sport or fitness. I had a membership to a local gym where I spent several hours a week doing the same old routines, my wife had been doing Crossfit for a few years prior to us meeting and every now and then I would drop in and workout with her. My first WOD was an anniversary workout that just about killed me, for a few years.

I continued my normal routine and dropped in to Crossfit here and there, It was around the age of 41 that I had a Jiu Jitsu tournament where I was simply out muscled by my opponent. I remember walking off the mat and telling my wife “that will never happen again” She asked what are you going to do about it? My answer, I need to get stronger and faster. It was then I joined Indian River Crossfit.

There were several gyms to choose from in the area, and I chose IRC because everyone in the local community knew the coaches and owners James and Cathy Brown, they had a great reputation and the gym seemed to be a great place for me to start. Now at age 44 I have done things I would never have considered before, I ran my first full Marathon and continually push my own limits. I have enjoyed more success and feel more confident in Jui Jitsu tournaments, recently wining gold at the IBJJF Miami International Open.

I thank my wife, all my coaches, and everyone I train with for pushing me everyday.

Joshua Taylor

I had always been an active person, but after having two children I became the opposite of what I had always strived to be. I started to eat unhealthy, I smoked, and I rarely ever worked out except for the occasional run. I have been a runner and swimmer as long as I can remember, but I had forgotten how important my health was. As an Air Force Veteran I knew how important my health was, but I didn’t have the motivation that I needed until I found Crossfit.

I still remember walking into my first day nervous, but that all changed once my trainers Melanie and Cam introduced themselves. I felt so comfortable, because everyone was so inviting. I’m not a huge people person, but they made me feel like I’ve known them forever.

Now it had been a while since I had put my body through a true hardcore workout, so let me say, “WOW!” I had never felt this feeling of joy, and satisfaction during a workout. Most workouts I had completed were mediocre, to stay the least coming from a competitive swimmer. When I called TIME I dropped to the floor with complete gratification. I knew right at that moment that I had found what I was looking for; a life changing moment.

It’s been four years now, and I still leave Indian River Crossfit with a smile on my face. It’s been 3 years since I quit smoking, and I feel AMAZING! JB and Cathy are amazing owners, and trainers! Every trainer (Mel, Cam, Scott, Kelly, Steve) at Indian River Crossfit make you feel like you are part of a family.

Indian River Crossfit is part of my family, and we always support each other in and out of the gym!

IRC and its members have changed my life in so many ways!

Thank you IRC!
Love, Brittany

Brittany Weza